Enhancements suggested by Red Hat Insights for better performance

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The suggestions made by Red Hat Insights aim to enhance the performance and efficiency of your hybrid cloud environment. This service, bundled with most Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions, employs predictive analytics and specialized knowledge to streamline intricate operational tasks, such as pinpointing security vulnerabilities, monitoring licenses, and managing expenses in a matter of minutes.

The Insights remediations feature auto-generates Ansible Playbooks to rectify any issues detected by Red Hat Insights, integrating seamlessly with various other Insights services like inventory, advisor, patch, compliance, and vulnerability. To enrich user experience, several enhancements have been implemented:

  • A tooltip now explains the reason behind the ability or inability to execute a playbook when hovering over the ‘Execute playbook’ button on the remediations page.
  • An automated compliance scan (insights-client –compliance) is embedded in the playbook if compliance issues are present.
  • A connection status column is incorporated in the ‘Systems’ tab, detailing the system status while viewing a specific remediation playbook.
  • Creating remediation playbooks with duplicate or empty names is restricted.

These enhancements are discussed further below to delineate their impact on the Insights remediations experience.

Enhanced Information Tooltip for ‘Execute Playbook’ Button

An informational tooltip now emerges upon hovering over the ‘Execute playbook’ button on the remediations detail page. This tooltip indicates the playbook’s readiness status through three essential checks that are mandatory for playbook execution.

In scenarios where only two out of the three checks pass, the ‘Execute playbook’ button remains disabled, as depicted in the image below:

For full readiness, where all three checks pass, the ‘Execute playbook’ button is enabled, allowing seamless execution.

Automated Compliance Scans for Playbooks with Compliance Issues

The compliance scan (insights-client –compliance) is now automatically part of remediation playbooks that address compliance issues. This streamlines the process by eliminating the need for a manual scan post-remediation, as illustrated in the figure below:

Task that will be added to remediation playbook to generate a compliance report

Display of Connection Status in System Table

Alongside the tooltip for the ‘Execute playbook’ button, a ‘connection status’ column now appears in the systems tab table on the remediations page. This column showcases the connection status for each system within the remediation playbook, ranging from connected, disconnected, not configured, to unknown. Hovering over the status provides detailed information based on the system type.

System with a ‘Connected’ connections status

This update aids in understanding the system connections and promptly addressing any connectivity issues that may arise.

No Repetitive or Empty Playbook Names Allowed

Red Hat Insights now prohibits naming two remediation playbooks within the same organization identically or leaving a playbook name blank. Formerly, unnamed playbooks defaulted to “unnamed playbook,” potentially resulting in duplicated names.

If a duplicate or empty name is detected during playbook creation or update, you’re prompted to modify the name before proceeding, as shown below:

Error message displayed when you attempt to update remediation playbook using a name that already exists within the organization

The ‘next’ button remains disabled until a valid playbook name is provided, ensuring uniqueness and avoiding confusion, especially when sharing playbooks across the organization in the future.

Upcoming Features

This article spotlighted various enhancements in Insights remediations that promise an enriched user experience. For further insights on Red Hat Insights, explore our informative articles.

If you haven’t experimented with Insights remediations yet, delve deeper and give it a try today!

Source: Red Hat Insights Remediations Improvements

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