Ente Photos introduces new offline video editing software version 0.9.

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Ente, a flexible and security-focused image handling application, is rapidly moving towards its significant launch, version 1.0, with the latest update, v0.9, introducing a variety of robust tools and improvements aimed at enhancing the user experience.

If you haven’t come across Ente before, it has only recently been accessible as open-source software for a few months. Here are some additional details about this innovative platform.

Ente functions as a privacy-driven cloud solution for storing, distributing, and organizing photos and videos. Serving as a privacy-conscious alternative to major tech giants’ photo storage services like Google Photos or iCloud Photos.

To put it differently, it falls within the same category of photo management solutions as the well-known Immich and PhotoPrism. It also offers self-hosting options, making it an appealing choice for privacy-focused tech aficionados. Now, let’s delve into the offerings of the latest version.

Ente Photos, Image credits: Ente

The Enhancements of Ente Photos 0.9

The recent update of Ente brings with it a comprehensive offline video editor, allowing users to edit, cut, and adjust videos directly from their mobile devices. This new addition caters to the increasing need for on-the-go video editing capabilities, empowering users to refine their videos without requiring an internet connection.

Prioritizing security as always, v0.9 introduces support for passcodes and hardware keys, further enhancing account security—an important feature, especially with the gradual adoption of passkeys across various platforms. Users are advised to activate these additional security measures by accessing the ‘Settings’ menu and navigating to ‘Security.’

Additionally, improvements have been made to link sharing. Despite the robust end-to-end encryption safeguarding Ente’s album links, the platform now generates visually appealing previews for shared photos. These previews are developed client-side, ensuring privacy while enhancing the visual appeal of shared content.

For individuals seeking a personalized and dynamic mobile experience, Ente now accommodates home screen widgets on Android devices. Users can showcase their preferred photos directly on their home screens for swift and convenient access.

Another noteworthy feature is the capability to display photos on larger screens. Through tools like Chromecast or similar devices, users can project their albums while maintaining end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing their privacy remains intact.

The discovery functions in Ente 0.9 have also undergone significant enhancements. The memories tab and search functionality have been revamped, enhancing how users rediscover old photos. Furthermore, the new Places feature utilizes OpenStreetMaps data to assist users in locating photos based on their geographical location, enriching the utility of the application, particularly for travel enthusiasts and event planners.

Lastly, the inclusion of a new large file explorer with a ‘Sort by Size’ function will notably aid those managing extensive media libraries. This feature simplifies the identification and management of large files that may be consuming excessive storage space.

These updates mark just the beginning for Ente. The journey towards v1.0 encompasses plans to integrate on-device machine learning for functionalities such as facial recognition and semantic search, all while upholding stringent privacy measures through end-to-end encryption.

For comprehensive information on all changes, refer to the official announcement or GitHub’s detailed changelog.

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