Episode #779 – XFX Mercury RX 7900 XTX featuring Magnetized Fans, Microsoft Degrades Windows Quality, Optane Discount, Seagate available on eBay and additional news!

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We convened on Wednesday night (10 PM Eastern) for the weekly podcast. Below is the revised edition of our podcast session. In this content, you will discover diversions, perspectives, culinary delights, discussions on camera optics – and technology. A plethora of discussions on technology abound, including Microsoft’s poor strategic choices, inadequate security measures, and dormant data. Come and join us.

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Podcast #779 – XFX Mercury RX 7900 XTX with Magnetic Fans, Microsoft Makes Windows Worse, Optane Sale!, Seagate on eBay + MORE!

🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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