Exciting new concept art for Exodus features the introduction of a unique alien species known as the Silicates.

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Archetype Entertainment has revealed brand-new concept art and lore for its upcoming sci-fi action-adventure game, Exodus. In the latest development update shared today (May 21), the developer provided a brand-new look at the game’s mysterious alien life form, the Silicates, with some gorgeous concept art. You can check it out below.

The Silicates are completely unknown to the Celestials –  the most powerful enemy in the universe – and can form a “game-changing symbiotic relationship with humankind”. According to Archetype, when touched, the Silicates transform the host into powerful Daemons capable of fighting against the Celestials as living weapons. As a Daemon, violent and intrusive thoughts take over their minds, despite the incredible power they possess and can tap into the “primal shadows that exist within all humanity.”

Archetype also shared a brand-new story on the Silicates too, which tells the history of the alien race. “Nobody knows exactly what ancient culture gave rise to the Silicates,” it reads. “The true origins of the Silicates remain a mystery even to this day. We do not know if they were created by a long-forgotten civilization, or if they are true alien ‘life’ that evolved independently in Centauri… or perhaps somewhere else. Silicates are humanity’s leverage. Daemons don’t need weapons – they are weapons… Because Silicates will only bond with humans, there are some who see them in a religious light. They believe human-silicate coexistence was preordained; it was meant to be and brought to fruition by some higher power…”

“Is the risk worth the reward for the Travelers [the player] in their ongoing battle for survival against the Celestials? Only time will tell,” the developer hints.

You can read the full Feature Story on the Silicates here. Exodus was first revealed during The Game Awards 2023 with an action-packed story trailer presented by Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. The AAA title is confirmed for a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC release, but a launch date has not yet been announced.

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