Exploring Future Plans for Leap 16 Branding

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At the 2024 openSUSE Conference, the Leap 16 branding workshop ignited a wave of energy and innovation among participants. The plethora of ideas generated during the event has set the stage for the evolution of Leap 16 branding. Now, it’s time to nurture and expand upon these remarkable concepts!

Here are the objectives we are striving to accomplish with Leap 16 branding:

1) Distinct Universal Wallpaper

We are in search of captivating wallpaper designs that transcend distribution boundaries. Whether it’s a gradient, fractal, or any other abstract artwork, we aim to incorporate the new logo seamlessly. The aim is to create visually appealing designs that are versatile and adaptable, much like chameleons.

2) Unique Distribution-Centric Wallpaper for Leap 16 and Tumbleweed

Besides the universal wallpaper, we require tailored designs for Leap 16 and Tumbleweed that capture the essence of each distribution while maintaining a cohesive visual language. We also encourage exploring adaptable designs for other variants like Slowroll, Kalpa, Aeon, and more, extending a collaborative hand to those projects.

3) Chameleon-Themed Day and Night Versions

We are on the lookout for designs featuring our beloved chameleon in day and night settings. These wallpapers should harmonize with each other while symbolizing different periods of the day in an imaginative and captivating manner. Additionally, the possibility of day/night variants for abstract designs is open for consideration. Exceptional ideas from participants in this regard will be given due attention.

4) Submit Your Chameleon-Inspired Images

We extend an invitation for photo submissions related to our mascot, the chameleon, or similar imagery. The submitter must also be the photographer of the image. This presents a wonderful opportunity to showcase photography skills while contributing to our branding endeavors.

Photo Competition Call!

We are excited to declare a photo contest. Share your images for a chance to feature in our branding materials. Submit your photos through our GitHub issue tracker. Selection of the finest entries will be done through a thumbs up/down voting mechanism.

Submission Specifications

You are encouraged to participate in the wallpaper collection set here within issue 135.

Photo submissions can be made through issue 18.

Due Date and Guidelines

The submission deadline is November 1, 2024. Ensure your entries adhere to the following stipulations:

  • Relevance to the brand (chameleons, chameleon-like elements, etc.)
  • High-resolution photographs (4k or preferably 5k)
  • Original content – submitted by the image’s creator or with explicit consent from the creator
  • Landscape orientation exclusively

Along with your photos, include a brief description (location, content) as comments in the issue. Provide a link to a high-resolution version as well.

We eagerly anticipate witnessing your imaginative contributions and enhancing the visual appeal of Leap 16 for the entire openSUSE community!

(Artwork created with DALL-E)

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