Fallout London Approaching, Prepare for a Need to Reduce Your Standards

A significant announcement has been made by Team Folon, who have successfully completed their ambitious total conversion project for Fallout 4, aptly named Fallout London. Despite the absence of a precise release date, the mod is set to debut shortly. The much-anticipated next-gen update inadvertently caused a multitude of issues and disruptions to the mod, prompting Folon to find a solution. The team decided to introduce a “downgrader” tool that reverts Fallout 4 to its original state, seamlessly integrating it with their modification. This strategic move eliminates the need for convoluted workarounds for players eager to experience the game with the new mod.

Assistance in this endeavor has been extended by GoG, primarily due to the sheer magnitude of the mod, which would overwhelm the conventional mod hosting platforms like Nexus Mods. GoG will not only serve as the mod’s distribution platform but also incorporate the downgrader tool into the mod files. Although an exact launch date remains undisclosed, troubleshooting work is in progress at GoG to streamline the installation process for Fallout London and minimize the occurrence of Bethesda-related bugs slipping through. It is worth noting that owning a GoG version of Fallout 4 is not a prerequisite; the platform will solely handle the mod’s distribution.

Let us raise a toast to the unwavering dedication of Team Falon and GoG in overcoming the hurdles encountered during this project.

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