Figma CEO states that customers will bear the expense of AI upgrade.

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Design firm Figma’s CEO and co-founder, Dylan Field, has announced that customers will be the ones bearing the expense of the company’s latest AI upgrade for its platform. Figma is currently covering the cost of the AI upgrade without passing it on to customers, acknowledging the uncertainties surrounding the usage and impact of the new features. Field emphasized the importance of monitoring beta usage and costs before considering any pricing adjustments.

The release of Figma’s UI3 redesign, featuring the new “Figma AI” toolbox, was introduced in a limited beta phase on June 26, with a waitlist for additional users. This strategic move comes approximately six months after Adobe’s failed acquisition of Figma, positioning Figma in a fierce competition with Adobe and Canva, a rapidly growing design startup venturing into the enterprise market with a valuation of around $25 billion.

Figma’s integrated product design functions accessible via a browser have demonstrated significant growth, challenging Adobe’s traditional desktop apps model. Meanwhile, Canva’s user-friendly tools and AI integration have expanded its reach into corporate accounts, intensifying the rivalry with Adobe.

In a recent blog post, Figma emphasized its commitment to integrating technology that fulfills user needs rather than merely following trends, such as incorporating AI features like chat boxes. The executives at Figma stressed the importance of seamlessly integrating AI functionality into the product to genuinely enhance the user experience.

The AI competition in the design industry is heating up, with Field acknowledging the competitive landscape and the importance of adapting to meet the needs of product creators. Figma’s UI3 design includes various generative AI features aimed at streamlining creative processes and enhancing collaboration.

As the demand for AI features grows and evolves, Figma is positioning itself for a potential IPO following the failed Adobe acquisition. The company’s recent valuation increase and strategic moves indicate a strong trajectory towards a significant financial event in the near future.

For more details, you can visit the original article on CNBC.

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