Final Fantasy Tactics is receiving a remastered version and is set to arrive on the PC platform.

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Get ready to dust off that ancient level-up handbook as Final Fantasy Tactics, a classic grid-based strategy game, is getting a polished makeover and making its debut on the PC platform. Recognized as one of the top strategy games of its era, Final Fantasy Tactics offers a facade of simplicity that unfolds into a complex and intricate gameplay experience.

As you progress through the game and develop your characters, the ability to switch between jobs becomes crucial for unlocking high-level vocations like the formidable Arithmetician and Mime. Understanding the job and level prerequisites to access these powerful classes is a challenge in itself, often requiring the assistance of a comprehensive guide to navigate.

Prior to this announcement, Final Fantasy Tactics had never graced the PC realm, adding an extra layer of anticipation for long-time fans. While the project is currently in development, specifics regarding the release date are still under wraps. Fans are eager to witness how the remastered version will uphold the charm of the original game, especially considering the meticulous design work that went into crafting the iconic sprites.

If this revelation triggers a wave of nostalgia for other beloved titles from the past, it might be best to curb your enthusiasm for remasters of the original Fallout games, as Todd Howard has reportedly quashed that possibility.


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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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