Firefox 128 Now Accessible for Download, Here’s What’s Fresh

Download Firefox 128 Now, Discover What’s New

Following the release of version 127, Mozilla has unveiled the latest iteration of its popular open-source browser, Firefox v128. This new update brings enhancements in privacy features, usability, and updated developer tools.

Key improvements in this release include the ability to play protected content while in Private Browsing mode, as well as a more streamlined process for clearing user data.

Top Features of Firefox 128 Web Browser

One of the significant highlights of Firefox 128 is its support for watching protected content from various streaming services, like Netflix, even when in Private Browsing mode. This ensures that users can enjoy their favorite content without compromising their privacy.

Firefox 128

Additionally, the update presents users with a more intuitive dialog for clearing browser data. This new feature simplifies the process of selecting data categories and offers detailed insights into the size of site data for a chosen time range.

Clear browsing data and cookies
Clear browsing data and cookies

MacOS users will benefit from an enhanced audio experience in Firefox 128, thanks to the utilization of system-provided voice processing for microphone capture via getUserMedia. This improvement ensures superior audio quality, particularly useful for video calls and audio recordings.

Developers will find Firefox 128 particularly attractive due to the introduction of new tools. Noteworthy updates include the ability to view the specificity of CSS rules in a tooltip within the Inspector Rules view. This feature assists in understanding the application order of CSS rules.

Furthermore, the setCodecPreferences method provides more flexibility in codec negotiation, essential for web applications that deal with multimedia components.

Concerning web platform advancements, Firefox 128 now facilitates inline viewing of text/* file types, reducing the need for downloads. It also aligns its Accept header for images and documents with the Fetch standard, ensuring uniformity across browsers.

The update also introduces support for @property and the CSS properties-and-values API, as well as resizable ArrayBuffers and expandable SharedArrayBuffers in SpiderMonkey. These enhancements improve memory management and data handling efficiency in web applications.

In terms of security, Firefox 128 enhances its privacy features by defaulting to DNS proxying when utilizing SOCKS v5.

Those eager to experience the latest features can download Firefox 128 directly from Mozilla’s server. Windows and macOS users can anticipate an over-the-air update within the next day. Users of rolling release Linux distributions should expect Firefox 128 as an update in their repositories over the following days.

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