Flathub Achieves Over 2 Billion Application Downloads

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Established to offer a unified platform for circulating applications throughout all varieties of Linux distributions, Flathub has emerged as a central point for individuals looking for a wide range of software.

From fundamental tools and efficiency applications to games and programming tools, Flathub provides compatible software across diverse Linux distros, streamlining the installation procedure and enhancing software accessibility.

Just recently, Flathub achieved a milestone of 2 billion downloads. What’s particularly impressive is that within the span of one year, starting from May 2023 when Flathub hit 1 billion downloads, the platform has now doubled that figure to 2 billion.

Flathub celebrates 2 billion total downloads.

Presently, Flathub houses more than 2,600 applications, categorized into ten distinct groups:

  • Games: 630
  • Utilities: 621
  • Networking: 306
  • Audio & Video: 295
  • Developer Tools: 245
  • Graphics & Photography: 245
  • Productivity: 229
  • Education: 190
  • Science: 117
  • System: 101

The data on download figures by nation is also fascinating. The United States leads with nearly 440 million downloads, followed by Germany at 203 million, and Brazil at around 187 million.

Flathub is frequently chosen as the primary software source alongside Linux distributions’ native package managers for two main reasons:

Primarily, Flatpak is a distribution-independent format. This means that irrespective of the distribution you are using, if it supports Flatpak, you can benefit from the software available on Flathub.

Secondly, the software is updated promptly. While many applications on Flathub are also accessible in the repositories of respective distributions as distribution-specific installation packages, they are often not the most recent versions.

Conversely, on Flathub, you are more likely to find the latest software releases quickly, sometimes right after their launch.

With Flathub’s continuous growth and development, it is expected to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the Linux ecosystem’s future. While there are alternative formats like AppImage and Ubuntu’s Snap for distributing distribution-agnostic software, Flatpak presently stands as the most favored choice among users, with indications pointing towards this trend continuing and strengthening.

The statistical data covers information from 2018 onward. For further insights, please refer to Flathub’s statistics page.

Source: Flathub Surpasses 2 Billion Software Downloads

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