Fortnite Reload offers a quicker and more cutthroat iteration of the traditional Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite has introduced a fresh Battle Royale format known as the “Revamp,” which offers a distinct competitive approach reminiscent of the popular “Team Rumble” mode. This new mode presents a shorter variant of the original Battle Royale style, with a limited player count of up to 40 participants and a condensed map to ramp up the competition among players on the battlefield. Epic Games describes the new mode as follows:

“Squaddies reboot in Fortnite Revamp, as long as one team member survives. Revamp is a 40-player challenge on a more focused map, featuring familiar locations like Tilted Towers and Retail Row. If the entire team is wiped out, it’s Game Over! Whether opting for Battle Royale or Zero Build mode, the ultimate surviving squad emerges victorious.”

Players can now respawn multiple times within the revamped mode as long as a teammate is still in play, resembling the mechanic from Team Rumble in the past, albeit with a different implementation. While Team Rumble isn’t making a return, seasoned players can draw parallels between the current “Revamp” experience and the former gameplay.

Epic Games has also disclosed the mechanics behind the reboot feature. Upon a teammate’s demise, a reboot countdown is automatically initiated, starting at 30 seconds and increasing up to 40 seconds towards the game’s conclusion. Players in Fortnite can trigger the reboot countdown immediately after being knocked down, eliminating the need to wait for revival.

Fortnite Tactical Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, and Lever Action Shotgun

Interesting additions have been made by Epic Games with the revamped mode to enhance user engagement and evoke nostalgia. The reintroduced items at launch include the Revolver, Tactical Shotgun, Heavy Assault Rifle, and more. As a streamlined version of the original BR mode, the Revamp will offer Victory Crowns alongside respawn materials such as the Assault Rifle and 100 units of wood. Upon eliminations, players can expect to drop Small Shield Potions, medium ammo, light ammo, shotgun shells, and 50 units of each building material.

Fortnite Revamp includes initial quests with rewards of 20,000 XP each, and triumphing in a Victory Royale will grant players the Rezzbrella Glider as a distinctive prize.

If you’re eager to test out this new mode, share your thoughts with us!

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