Fractal Feelings Vertical Mini-ITX PC Case Assessment

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Having shared thoughts in a prior analysis a couple of years back, I noted my lack of experience in constructing within a Fractal container at that time. Despite harboring no biases against the label and being eager to experiment with numerous of their casings, the opportunity had not arisen.

It appears the head of marketing at Fractal took notice of my observation, as he has since ensured I have had the chance to work with several Fractal enclosures, a few of which are compact in size.

Through this experience, it has become apparent that Fractal excels in innovative and unconventional designs that capture attention while being practical. The most recent addition to their lineup, the Fractal Mood, is a petite mini-ITX chassis with an appealing aesthetic and minimal footprint. Let us delve into the details and gauge the overall impression it leaves.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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