Fresh attempts to interrupt DRAGONBRIDGE spam operations.

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Surge of DRAGONBRIDGE content preceding the 2024 general election in Taiwan

Leading up to the 2024 Taiwan general election, DRAGONBRIDGE prepared and published a significant amount of content in advance, enabling them to swiftly distribute a large volume within a short timeframe around the event. This pattern of behavior was closely monitored by observers.

Over the years, DRAGONBRIDGE content has been directed at Taiwan, often featuring narratives promoting unification and experiencing peaks in activity following news events. Notably, a surge in activity was detected surrounding the general election that took place on January 13, 2024. Despite the substantial volume of content produced, it failed to resonate with genuine audiences.

Characteristics of DRAGONBRIDGE videos typically include monotonous voiceovers, generic footage, and readily available images. The voiceovers and on-screen text displayed odd phrasings hinting at automated translation. In addition to targeting Taiwan’s outgoing President, Tsai Ing-wen, certain content featured a direct appeal, utilizing a song’s lyrics to dissuade individuals from voting for the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan.

In the lead-up to Taiwan’s general election on January 13, 2024, DRAGONBRIDGE flooded YouTube with thousands of videos and comments utilizing synthetic audio and avatars to push a fabricated “secret history” dossier discrediting President Tsai Ing-wen. However, the information operation had minimal impact, receiving almost no interaction from authentic users. Consequently, YouTube took action by shutting down channels associated with this activity. Media coverage in Taiwan highlighted the low viewership of the content.

The video content showcased AI-generated news presenters delivering information in a news bulletin format. While some videos exhibited varying levels of production quality, appearing deceptively authentic at first glance, others were clearly computer-generated with no attempt to imitate real footage.

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