fresh The Witcher 3 Mod Revives Eliminated Boat Races

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Experience Restored Boat Competitions with Latest The Witcher 3 Modification

This recent dawn, a creative modder by the name of MerseyRockoff brought forth a captivating mod for The Witcher 3 on Nexus. This mod reintroduces a series of boat races that were initially removed from the final version of the game. The modder took advantage of the REDKit tool released by CD Projekt RED to accomplish this restoration.

The modder elaborated:

Upon the release of REDKit, the entirety of the boat race script was discovered within the game files, enabling the restoration process to commence. While only the text and audio files were initially found, the remainder was meticulously crafted from scratch by drawing inspiration from CD Projekt RED’s writing and careful examination of the files. This implies that all dialogues, characters, notices, and journal entries showcased in the mod were originally penned by CD Projekt RED but rejuvenated and realized by me using REDKit. This particular mod for The Witcher 3 currently only supports the English localization. Assistance for other languages is slated for a forthcoming update.

There are now 4 races (Regattas) within the game:
Novigrad Regatta – Initiate from the Novigrad Harbor notice board.
Oxenfurt Regatta – Start from the Oxenfurt notice board.
Helmsman’s Dash – Commence from the Kaer Trolde village notice board.
Rally of the Wrecks – Trigger from Holmstein’s notice board, although the races occur on Faroe.

If you’re aware of their locations, you can directly head to the race’s starting point, bypassing the notice boards, and converse with the race master/mistress.

This modification is compatible with both the classic edition of The Witcher 3 and the enhanced ‘next-gen’ version. The installation process is relatively straightforward; you will be required to duplicate the downloaded modBoatRaces folder into your The Witcher 3mods directory. Subsequently, copy the dlcBoatRaces folder into your The Witcher 3dlc directory. Finally, inspect for any conflicts with the Script Merger tool and merge if deemed necessary.

To remove the mod, simply eliminate the associated folders. Nonetheless, the modder advises against doing so when one of the boat race quests is in progress.

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