From technical assistance engineering to user experience: Piper’s career advancement at Canonical

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Employee advancement and loyalty are critical components in the professional world. At Canonical, we inspire our team members to craft their personal growth paths, encouraging them to pursue roles they are passionate about, even if they originate from diverse technical realms. Witnessing our employees flourish and evolve brings us immense joy. We firmly believe that peak performance is achieved when individuals feel fulfilled in their roles. Today, we spotlight Piper Deck’s career narrative.

Piper’s Professional Voyage at Canonical

Piper currently serves as a User Interface designer within Canonical’s LXD team, instrumental in shaping how LXD resolves user issues in an instinctive and approachable manner. Collaborating with both front-end and back-end developers, Piper resolves usability dilemmas across the user interface and command line for LXD. However, before delving into his role in LXD, Piper was an integral part of Canonical’s support engineering division. Let’s delve deeper into Piper’s transition.

When did your journey commence at Canonical, and what was your initial position?

In November 2022, I joined Canonical as a Technical Aid Associate within the Support Engineering domain. My responsibilities encompassed addressing customer support queries, diagnosing their concerns, providing troubleshooting recommendations, logging bugs on launchpad or GitHub, and escalating complex cases to other departments, as needed.

What prompted your transition and when did it occur?

Drawing close to the end of 2023, I made the shift to the UX Design team, assuming the role of UX Designer for LXD.

What instigated this change?

Prior to my tenure at Canonical, I had studied User Experience design during my university education and had also engaged in freelance UX design projects for about a year. Despite my expertise, securing a full-time UX role proved challenging. At the suggestion of a friend, I explored opportunities in the IT sector, applying for various IT support positions at different organizations, ultimately landing a role at Canonical.

My tenure in technical support compelled me to step out of my comfort zone, necessitating a rapid grasp of Canonical’s entire product portfolio and the broader Linux ecosystem. While the knowledge garnered was invaluable, my evolving career aspirations directed me back to UX.

Describe the transition process and its duration.

Thankfully, my support engineering manager was supportive of my ambitions, having navigated a similar trajectory earlier in his career at Canonical. He facilitated an introduction with a UX manager, allowing me to explore my fit within the team and identify a suitable product alignment. Coincidentally, a designer was sought for LXD, and my extensive experience with LXD during my support tenure made me an ideal candidate.

Subsequently, my support manager enabled a balanced distribution of my work hours between Support and Design, permitting both myself and the LXD team to gauge compatibility and value contribution. Following a few months of this arrangement, once the LXD team affirmed my contributions, a transfer request was processed, approved by our CEO, and I seamlessly transitioned to a full-time UX role.

From the initial expression of interest in transitioning to the official commencement of my tenure with the new team, the process encompassed approximately 5 months.

Would you recommend individuals to contemplate a career at Canonical?

Absolutely! Canonical embodies an unconventional ethos, fostering a setting that nurtures creative thinking and pursuance of individual interests. Interactions at Canonical are invariably stimulating, with a shared enthusiasm and zeal for continual learning, offering an enriching environment that I find immensely valuable.

Embrace Novel Opportunities!

Canonical is deeply invested in career progression, emphasizing a tailored approach to individual growth. Explore current vacancies to identify roles that captivate you, potentially embarking on a career trajectory you never envisioned 🙂

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