FromSoftware indicates that performance problems with Elden Ring may potentially be caused by… mouse programs?

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FromSoftware has alerted gamers facing performance challenges while immersed in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, proposing that the culprit may be connected to third-party computer mouse software operating in the background…

The much-acclaimed Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which made its debut on June 21st, sadly, has been tarnished by accounts of notable performance hitches on both consoles and PCs. Despite receiving numerous rave reviews from worldwide critics, the game currently holds a ‘mixed’ user rating on Steam.

As per a recent communication from FromSoftware’s support channel, players might witness performance enhancements by shutting down any third-party mouse control software before initiating the game. The message, interpreted through Google Translate, conveys: “In the PC version, the frame rate may exhibit instability when engaging the game while a mouse-control app is open. In such cases, we request you to attempt gameplay after terminating the mouse-control program.”

Several players have shared that adhering to this advice assisted in mitigating stuttering glitches instigated by mouse software. However, we remain doubtful given the extensively reported performance setbacks observed since the inception of Elden Ring. FromSoftware has also recommended that players double-check and ensure that ray-tracing settings aren’t inadvertently activated when loading saved game data from a previous game version, as this could also result in inconsistent frame rates. Furthermore, FromSoftware has disclosed that further bug fixes and balancing adjustments are in the works for upcoming updates, although only time will tell if performance sees any enhancements.

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FromSoftware suggests Elden Ring perf issues could be down to… mouse software?

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