Frostpunk 2 Postponed by 60 Days After Receiving Beta Input

Delay of Frostpunk 2 Extended by 60 Days Following Input on Beta Version

The highly-anticipated sequel, Frostpunk 2, from game developers 11 Bit Studios, has encountered a setback with a two-month delay in its release schedule.

In a recent update on Steam, game directors Łukasz Juszczyk and Jakub Stokalski explained that, despite the game’s expansion and improvements, adjustments based on feedback received from the beta version necessitate more time for development. The duo expressed, “In light of the feedback analysis and the incorporation of new features, we realized that in order to do justice to these changes and ensure an optimal gaming experience, we require additional time to complete Frostpunk 2’s development. Consequently, we have taken the challenging decision to postpone the launch to September 20th, 2024.”

The forthcoming Frostpunk 2 will feature enriched and adaptable management of the workforce, significant enhancements to the user interface and experience, and a unique city aspect named ‘zoom stories’, offering players an up-close view of their citizens. Stokalski and Juszczyk noted, “Your feedback in the Beta survey highlighted a disconnect with individual characters due to the game’s increased scale. While Frostpunk 2 operates on a broader scale, we aim to enable players to engage closely with citizens even within this grander framework. To facilitate this, we are introducing ‘Zoom Stories’ – detailed close-ups in specific city areas allowing observation of your citizens’ daily routines.”

Initially set for release on July 25, Frostpunk 2 is now rescheduled for September 20 on platforms including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X. A recent hands-on preview of the game’s story mode emphasized the seamless expansion from the original Frostpunk, transitioning from micro to macro scales while maintaining the essence of the franchise.

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