[Galaxy’s Voices] Encounter the Disruptor Ready To Surpass Boundaries at Paris 2024 – Samsung Global Newsroom

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Galaxy’s Voices is a collection of authentic narratives shining a light on Samsung Galaxy users who utilize their zeal, originality, and persistence alongside technology to create a positive influence on their personal lives, communities, and the globe around them.

Grace “Sunny” Choi uncovered her fondness for movement at an early age as a gymnast before injuries compelled her to cease competing. She promptly unearthed an ardor for breaking  juggling her affection for dance with a flourishing corporate profession. In every endeavor, Sunny aspires to excel. Upon the declaration of breaking as an Olympic discipline for Paris 2024, Sunny blazed a fresh trail, shattering every boundary in her path. She resigned from her job and relocated to New York City, the originating place of breaking, to chase her Olympic aspiration. Before long, she clinched the distinction of being the initial U.S. b-girl to secure a spot at the Olympic Games.


Sunny’s receptiveness to change facilitated the transformation of her dream into a reality. Despite the associated risks, she pursued her passion, embraced new prospects, and refused to be deterred by obstacles. Breaking embodies self-expression, ingenuity, and camaraderie. It challenges constraints and anticipations, much like Sunny.


En route to Paris 2024, gearing up to represent Team USA at the inaugural Olympic breaking event in Paris, Sunny remains receptive to all eventualities, infusing delight into the sport and her expedition, and endeavoring to ignite others to surpass self-imposed boundaries.

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