GeForce Now acquires additional games from Steam and Game Pass.

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This particular week, GeForce Now is expanding its already wide collection with three more games. The notable addition this time is Once Human, a fresh popular survival game from Steam, which has already built up an impressive player base.

Once Human, a recent survival game by Starry Studio, is based in a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting. Imagine Rust but with more intricate construction options, along with peculiar futuristic gadgets and unearthly creatures. The game was released on July 9th on Steam for free, and now with GeForce Now, you can access the game and play on various devices from almost any location.

The updated list of games joining GeForce Now this week consists of:

  • Cricket 24 (through Game Pass)
  • Once Human
  • Anger Foot

Expect another set of games to land next week, as Nvidia aims to introduce 22 additional titles to GFN this month in total.

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