GeForce NOW introduces Resident Evil Village and Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition to its lineup.

GeForce NOW Unveils Resident Evil Village and Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition

NVIDIA pleasantly surprised fans with the belated addition of Resident Evil Village and its demo to the GeForce NOW lineup. CAPCOM’s eighth mainline installment in the acclaimed survival horror franchise has seen significant success since its late 2021 launch, surpassing 10 million units sold. The game’s availability expanded across various platforms, including macOS, Nintendo Switch (cloud), and iOS ports released in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Resident Evil Village received a stellar 9/10 rating from Nathan Birch at Wccftech:

Capcom impeccably delivers the essence of horror with RE Village, offering a gripping experience from start to finish. The game not only presents a captivating storyline but also treats players to enticing features post-credits, such as the revamped Mercenaries mode, abundant concept art, and engaging behind-the-scenes insights. It’s a top-tier horror feast that guarantees ample enjoyment throughout its 12-to-15-hour campaign, with myriad elements to savor, albeit some you might set aside temporarily.

Aside from Resident Evil Village, GeForce NOW users can indulge in the freshly released Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition. This enhanced version of the beloved classic integrates modern conveniences like autosave, cutscene skipping, comprehensive controller and keyboard & mouse support, cross-platform save compatibility, an exhilarating Speedrun Mode for added challenges, over 20 new achievements, and an Anniversary Gallery.

Completing this week’s batch of GeForce NOW additions is Drug Dealer Simulator 2, a cooperative first-person simulation game in a vibrant open-world setting, where players navigate the intricate operations of their cartel.

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