Google Meet might soon be able to assist you in generating meetings from scratch.

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Google Meet is set to unveil a new feature called adaptive audio, aiming to simplify and enhance the process of initiating spontaneous or last-minute meetings or group calls. This update will allow users to easily create and launch meetings on the go without the need for designated meeting spaces or special hardware.

The adaptive audio feature will enable users to participate in Google Meet calls using multiple laptops positioned closely together. This innovation eliminates the hassle of dealing with echoes or audio feedback that often occurs in these setups, providing a seamless and efficient audio experience for all participants.

According to a Google Workspace Updates blog post, the adoption of adaptive audio comes in response to the challenges faced by customers in the hybrid work environment. The feature is designed to cater to situations where traditional meeting rooms may not be available or suitable, offering the flexibility to host meetings in various settings, such as cafes or impromptu locations.

The system behind adaptive audio can automatically detect the presence of multiple laptops in close proximity and synchronize the microphones and speakers to ensure a seamless audio transmission. This feature will be automatically activated for users and does not require any additional administrative configurations.

Enhancing the Meeting Experience

Google Meet continues to enhance its platform to optimize the meeting experience for users. In addition to adaptive audio, the recent introduction of the “Companion Mode” second screen tool for the Meet app on Android and iOS devices offers a convenient way for users to participate in meetings without the need for a laptop, providing greater flexibility for remote and on-the-go collaboration.

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