Google unveils new artificial intelligence tools for Workspace in the education sector.

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Aiding adolescent learners grasp knowledge responsibly and confidently in an AI-centric future with Gemini

Google is dedicated to making AI beneficial for all, within educational settings and beyond. Our aim is to equip teenagers with the abilities and resources necessary to excel in a future dominated by artificial intelligence, and to educate them on how this technology can unleash creativity and facilitate learning. Gemini offers supervised assistance to help students learn with more assurance through immediate support, study materials, real-time feedback, and suggestions. Direct exposure to generative AI will assist in preparing students for a future driven by AI technologies.

Recently, we introduced a responsible Gemini experience for adolescents utilizing their personal Google Accounts following consultations with child safety and developmental experts to shape our content guidelines and prioritize safety in the user experience. Subsequently, we have taken numerous additional measures to ensure the responsible deployment of this technology for students, including collaborating with learning science specialists, conducting trials with youth advisory groups, and committing to enhancing data security for all educational users at no cost, ensuring that Google refrains from utilizing chat data for AI model enhancements.

In the upcoming months, we are extending the availability of Gemini to adolescent learners who meet the specified age criteria, utilizing their Google Workspace for Education accounts in English across more than 100 countries globally, at no cost for educational institutions. To guarantee school administrators maintain control, Gemini will remain disabled by default for adolescents until administrators opt to activate it in the Admin console.

Our adolescent-oriented interface offers a uniquely responsible and beneficial version of Gemini for younger users:

  • Gemini has been fine-tuned to detect content that may be unsuitable for adolescent users and enact regulations and barriers to prevent inappropriate reactions, such as illegal or age-restricted substances, from surfacing.
  • When a user poses a fact-based question for the first time, Gemini initiates its double-check response function automatically, assisting in assessing whether there is corroborative content on the web to substantiate its response. We actively recommend that adolescents utilize the double-check feature within the product to aid in developing information literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • A user-friendly introduction to Gemini for adolescents includes an AI Literacy video–backed by ConnectSafely and Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)–featuring advice on the responsible usage of generative AI.
  • A customized version of Gemini named Learning Coach, powered by LearnLM, will soon assist students in building knowledge by providing step-by-step study guidance, alongside valuable practice exercises like quizzes and games.
  • Soon, OpenStax and Data Commons extensions will support students in learning using information from reliable sources.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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