Google was condemned for its AI Overview for making mistakes, such as incorrectly stating that President Obama is Muslim.

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Less than a fortnight ago, Google introduced “AI Briefing” in Google Search, and public backlash has surged due to nonsensical or erroneous results within the AI feature – with no opt-out option available.

AI Briefing provides a quick summary of answers to search queries at the top of Google Search, offering insights synthesized from various sources. However, social media has been abuzz with screenshots showcasing the AI tool providing incorrect and controversial responses.

Major companies like Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and others are leading the charge in the generative AI race, as industries strive to incorporate AI-powered solutions to stay competitive. The market is projected to exceed $1 trillion in revenue within the next decade.

Examples of errors produced by AI Briefing, based on user-shared screenshots, include statements like the US having had one Muslim president, attributed to Barack Hussein Obama.

In cases like suggested remedies for non-sticky cheese on pizza, the AI tool recommended adding nontoxic glue to the sauce, drawing from an 11-year-old Reddit comment. Misattribution of information to medical professionals or scientists is also a concern with AI Briefing responses.

For instance, providing misleading advice on health topics like staring at the sun or advocating daily consumption of rocks as per UC Berkeley geologists. The tool also falters with simple queries, fabricating fruit lists and incorrectly calculating time spans like stating 1919 was 20 years ago.

Addressing queries on antitrust violations, AI Briefing implicated Google Search, claiming legal actions by the US Justice Department and various states.

Rolling out AI Briefing at the annual Google I/O event, Google unveiled plans for assistant-like planning capabilities within search, aiming to offer tailored solutions like meal plans based on user queries. Google emphasizes that the majority of AI Briefings provide accurate information with links for further exploration.

The launch of Gemini’s image-generation tool earlier sparked controversies for historical inaccuracies and culturally insensitive responses. Google faced criticism and announced improvements to fix such issues. The tool generated diverse images for historically specific queries, causing a stir within the AI industry and leading to debates on AI ethics. Google had faced previous scrutiny for handling AI ethics concerns within its organization.

Google’s CEO received backlash regarding the rushed rollout of Bard post the ChatGPT viral incident. The debate on Google’s AI ethics practices was further fueled by the issues with Gemini’s image-generation tool. Despite promises of enhancements, the relaunch of the image-generation AI tool is still pending.

Correction: The correct name of Google’s AI Briefing has been updated in this article. Additionally, a link to a screenshot that was later confirmed to be doctored has been removed from the previous version.

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