Google’s complimentary VPN has disappeared, but now everyone has access to Dark Web monitoring.

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It’s a mix of good and bad developments for Google One VPN users. Recently, Google discontinued its complimentary VPN service for Google One customers. However, there are still ways to access VPN services. One option is to acquire a Google Fi Wireless plan for your devices, enabling you to utilize Google’s VPN service provided to all Google Fi customers. Alternatively, if you own a Google Pixel 7 or later model, you can use the built-in VPN feature after updating your phone’s software.

For those with a standard consumer Google account, here comes some good news. Google is expanding its dark web monitoring service to all Gmail users. In the upcoming weeks, Google will eliminate the necessity of a Google One membership, allowing individuals access to dark web monitoring tools. This service will aid users in tracking if their personal data has been compromised or sold on the dark web. Additionally, it will assist in identifying and removing any sensitive personal information from Google search results.

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🤞 Don’t miss these tips!

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