Grand Theft Auto Trilogy surpasses 30 million downloads on Netflix.

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Netflix has diversified its content library in recent years by expanding beyond movies and television shows to include a growing selection of games on its platform. A significant milestone was achieved in December of last year with the introduction of the GTA Trilogy to the service. This move has generated significant interest, leading to a cumulative total of more than 30 million installations of these games.

According to, utilizing data from Appmagic, since the integration of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on December 14th, these iconic titles have collectively garnered over 30 million installations across both iOS and Android platforms.

The impact of these additions was immediately evident, with mobile game installations on Netflix tripling in December 2023 – the trilogy accounting for almost two-thirds of the total downloads (18 million).

With now over 30 million installations, it comes as no surprise that GTA stands as the leading game series on Netflix. Notably, GTA San Andreas is the most popular of the three, amassing 20.5 million installations, followed by Vice City with 6.5 million and GTA 3 with 3.3 million.

Over time, Netflix has curated a diverse game collection. The impact of the GTA Trilogy will likely draw more attention to the myriad other gaming options available on the platform.

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