GTA 5 Wicked Spirit Mod is a Fascinating New Horror-Inspired Gameplay Modification.

Step into the world of the recently unleashed GTA 5 Sinister Phantom mod, a gameplay modification inspired by the horror genre that seeks to send chills down players’ spines.

Crafted by the modder known as ‘AlexDevilish’, the Sinister Phantom mod designed for Rockstar’s 2013 hit (which continues to surpass more recent AAA launches) is currently in its beta stage. It immerses players in a nightly ambiance spanning from 00:00 to 03:00, challenging them to endure the terror that unfolds. The modder cautions that this mod is unsuitable for younger audiences or the faint-hearted. The mod’s description sets the tone: “Experience the abrupt darkness as lights are extinguished, witness the demise and incineration of those around you, and see objects levitate eerily, reminiscent of the horror films you once watched. She is not benevolent as she observes you in the midst of terror.”

As per the creator, when engaging with this horror mod, you are being surveilled by “something”. This entity is malevolent and far from pleased.

To utilize this mod, users must first install the ScriptHook V plugin.

Enthusiasts can acquire the Sinister Phantom mod from Nexusmods here. Below, we have included a gameplay video showcasing the mod in action. Unsurprisingly, this mod is exclusively compatible with the PC edition of GTA 5.

GTA V is presently available worldwide on both PC and consoles. As previously discussed in May of this year, Rockstar is in the process of preparing for the upcoming highly-anticipated installment in the franchise, GTA 6, scheduled for release in Autumn 2025. GTA 6 is anticipated to feature a map size twice as expansive as that of GTA 5.

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