GTA Online Latest Update Features Bottom Dollar Rewards, Introducing Bounty Hunts, Dispatch Missions, and Fresh Ride Options.

Rockstar Games Unveils Latest GTA Online Update – Earn Big with Bottom Dollar Rewards!

Recently, Rockstar Games rolled out an extensive free update for GTA Online dubbed Bottom Dollar Bounties. This update brings exciting new features to the game, including Bounty Hunts and Dispatch Missions.

Players will have the opportunity to work alongside the iconic Bounty Hunter Maude Eccles, who is passing the torch to her daughter Jenette as she prepares for retirement. Players can venture into the gritty world of the Bail Enforcement Office, tracking down targets for lucrative rewards. Capturing targets alive will yield higher payouts, and players can hire Bail Enforcement Agents to boost their earnings.

Additionally, the update introduces Dispatch Work, where players can take on off-the-books missions under the guidance of LSPD officer Vincent Effenburger. By completing tasks like The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid, players can unlock new Law Enforcement Vehicles.

The Bottom Dollar Bounties update also brings a selection of new vehicles to the game, including options for Imani tech modifications and Hao’s Special Works upgrades. Drift Tuning upgrades are now available for three beloved vehicles.

Furthermore, players can look forward to a host of quality-of-life improvements, such as enhanced Creator tools, vehicle balancing, and increased rewards for various in-game activities like Open Wheel Races and Taxi Work. GTA+ subscribers will gain access to the expanded Vinewood Club, offering exclusive vehicle modifications and a new app for convenient in-game management.

Future updates teased by Rockstar Games promise even more content, including additional vehicles, competitive modes, seasonal events, and collectibles for players to enjoy. However, PC players may be disappointed as ray traced features introduced on next-gen consoles might never make their way to the PC version.

As anticipation builds for GTA VI, slated for release on next-gen consoles in Fall 2025, PC players may have to wait longer for a possible port of the game.

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