Guerrilla follow-up allegedly scrapped by Embracer

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An exclusive report by Rock, Paper, Shotgun unveils that the Embracer Group purportedly axed a follow-up to the 2009 action game Red Faction: Guerrilla.

This anticipated project was not under Volition’s wing, the original brains behind Red Faction, which was shuttered last year following underwhelming sales of the Saints Row revival. The sequel was instead entrusted to Fishlabs, the Hamburg-rooted studio renowned for the 2021 cosmic warfare title Chorus.

Prior to the Red Faction proposal, Fishlabs reportedly pitched a fresh Lord of the Rings game to their Embracer Group peers at Middle-earth Enterprises. However, no substantial reaction was received, prompting the studio to pivot to their next initiative: a novel Red Faction episode set a century post-Guerrilla, showcasing a revamped, vibrant Mars. The lead of the subterranean insurrection would have been a female character. An insider shared with RPS:

We aimed to analyze the accomplishments of Guerrilla, the missteps of Armageddon, and amalgamate the fruitful aspects to carry forth the legacy.

While emphasizing the strengths of Guerrilla (particularly the remarkable destructibility powered by the GeoMod engine), the team also aspired to integrate immersive simulation elements, customized vehicles, and interactive conversations.

Initially, Plaion displayed enthusiasm towards the proposal, but a later internal ballot within the publishing division determined the termination of the Red Faction venture. Subsequently, Fishlabs had to release approximately 50 staff members. Per the report, the German studio now primarily functions as a support unit, aiding other Embracer Group subsidiaries in their game development endeavors. The fate of Fishlabs in terms of creating their own title is uncertain as of now.

Should this piece reignite your interest in revisiting Red Faction: Guerrilla, the Re-Mars-tered edition is available for $20 on both PCs and consoles.

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