HandBrake 1.8.1 Video Converter Resolves Glitches and Concerns

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HandBrake, a popular open-source multimedia transcoder, has recently launched version 1.8.1, introducing various vital corrections and enhancements. For those unfamiliar with it, HandBrake is a robust application that enables users to convert multimedia content from nearly any file format to a range of contemporary, widely accepted codecs.

Updates in HandBrake 1.8.1

The development team behind HandBrake has concentrated on rectifying numerous glitches and issues from the prior 1.8.0 release to ensure a smoother and more dependable user experience. Here are some key improvements:

Across all platforms, significant fixes include addressing a warning and misconfiguration problem with the x265 encoder’s repeat-headers function and ensuring that the NVEnc encoder appropriately respects the level setting.

A problem that caused DVD subtitles to be distorted during rendering has been resolved, along with the correction of the eedi2 filter that previously led to visual anomalies. This update incorporates newer versions of FFmpeg (7.0.1) for decoding and filters, as well as libdav1d (1.4.3) for AV1 video decoding.

HandBrake 1.8.1 Multimedia Transcoder

Mac users will observe the resolution of a queue stall issue that could occur if the encoding process crashes during job setup. Moreover, the “Display” button has been eliminated from notifications when there is no content to show.

For Windows users, hardware decoding now comes disabled by default for fresh installations, although users can enable it after verifying that their drivers are up to date.

Furthermore, a bug where hardware decoding was mistakenly employed for previews has been fixed, and the auto-naming feature has been adjusted to be less intrusive. An incorrect error message that appeared when dragging files with subtitles onto the main window has also been rectified.

Prior to updating to HandBrake 1.8.1, it is advisable for users to ensure there are no pending encodings in their queue. Additionally, it is essential to back up any custom presets and application preferences, as they may not be compatible with the new version.

To prevent compatibility issues, Windows users should also install the Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime version 8.0.x, particularly the DESKTOP runtime.

For further details on all the modifications in the latest release, you can check out the changelog or visit the official announcement.

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