Horizon Zero Dawn TV show supposedly axed

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Sony has been focused on adapting more of its gaming intellectual property for the cinema. Recently, titles such as Uncharted, Twisted Metal, and The Last of Us have all been in the process of getting TV or movie renditions. It appeared that Horizon Zero Dawn was next in line for such treatment, but issues during production have apparently derailed the entire endeavor.

Rolling Stone reports that workers at The Umbrella Academy, a production company, have encountered ongoing problems with show creator Steve Blackman. Blackman has refuted several allegations, including claims of harassment on set. However, mounting evidence seems to indicate otherwise as a subsequent report suggests that all of Blackman’s ongoing projects, including the Horizon Zero Dawn TV series, are now being shelved.

The proposed show was rumored to be a prequel, set prior to the events of the original game, focusing mainly on the diverse tribes that populate its world, rather than following specific game plotlines. The Horizon Zero Dawn series is reported to be one of two projects axed at The Umbrella Academy. The other project, known as ‘Orbital,’ was said to be an entirely new and original series.

The now seemingly defunct Horizon Zero Dawn series was intended for release on Netflix. It remains uncertain whether Sony will look for alternative partners to develop a Horizon-inspired show or movie.

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