Housemarque, the development studio behind PlayStation’s Returnal, is seeking a Senior Game Designer for its upcoming “exciting” AAA action game.

The game studio responsible for PlayStation’s Returnal, Housemarque, is on the lookout for a Senior Game Designer for its forthcoming AAA action venture.

Having joined PlayStation Studios in 2021 following the successful launch of Returnal, the Finnish studio saw its roguelike third-person shooter also make its way to PC last year. With three years having passed since the global release of Returnal, Housemarque, now under PlayStation’s umbrella, is currently recruiting for its next major gaming endeavor, focused on enemy and boss design, as seen on Linkedin.

The job listing encourages interested candidates with a passion for action games, particularly in the realm of enemy and boss design, emphasizing proficiency in utilizing Unreal Engine. The vacancy aims to fill the role of a Senior Game Designer concentrating on Enemy and Boss design for the studio’s upcoming blockbuster game.

Housemarque is actively hiring for its upcoming “major” AAA action game

In 2022, it was revealed that Housemarque is crafting a new IP for PlayStation. The Managing Director mentioned a shift away from multiplayer games to focus on a fresh IP due to past experiences. Though details on the new project are scarce, all signs point toward a new AAA action title in the works. Stay tuned for updates as more information about the studio’s upcoming endeavor becomes available.

Returnal initially launched for PlayStation 5 in 2021, followed by a PC version in 2023. In our review of the PS5 release, we noted the following:

“Except for a somewhat lackluster ending, Returnal embodies the essence of a top-tier roguelike: a gameplay loop that incentivizes innovation and skill, synergistic loot that enables powerful character builds, and weapons that feel incredibly satisfying to wield. Undoubtedly, Returnal stands as one among the premier PlayStation 5 exclusives of 2021, offering a challenging experience that enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate with each iteration of Selene’s journey across the alien landscape.”

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