How a skilled group of programmers established the groundwork for AI television – Samsung Global Newsroom

The Evolution of AI Television by a Skilled Team of Developers – From Samsung Global Newsroom

Viewers worldwide now demand more than just channel surfing from their televisions. Today, TVs are portals to streaming services, workout programs, social media platforms, and even connected home devices. This transformation led Samsung’s Visual Display Business to make a bold move a decade ago by shifting from its closed operating system to an open one, giving birth to Tizen.

Tizen, an open-source platform, has now become a prominent operating system in smart TVs, with hundreds of millions of devices running on it. This shift towards openness has allowed for greater collaboration with external developers and the integration of more artificial intelligence features into TVs.

The Journey from Orsay to Tizen

Samsung’s previous operating system, Orsay, was a closed platform that restricted contributions from external developers. However, with the transition to Tizen, an open-source approach was adopted, allowing for more flexibility and collaboration. Tizen’s multiprocessing capability was highlighted as a significant advantage over Orsay, enabling smoother operations and a more efficient user experience.

Challenges and Triumphs

The switch to Tizen posed technical challenges for the development team, but the advantages of open-source development tools accelerated the process significantly. By providing SDKs and APIs to developers, Samsung expanded its ecosystem to include a variety of apps and services beyond its own offerings, enhancing the user experience on its Smart TVs.

Tizen: Paving the Way for AI Innovation

One of the significant impacts of Tizen has been its role in incorporating artificial intelligence into TVs, enhancing picture quality, sound, and user experience. The platform’s flexibility has enabled the introduction of AI features like personalized content recommendations and optimized screen modes based on user preferences, setting the stage for more advanced AI functions in the future.

Embracing the Future of Television

Tizen has not only revolutionized the TV experience but has also expanded Samsung’s expertise into various form factors, including monitors, projectors, and signage products. As Samsung continues to push the boundaries of AI technology across its devices, Tizen remains at the core of this innovation, symbolizing a pathway to limitless possibilities for the future.

For Hwang and Jung, Tizen represents not just a platform but a legacy of innovation and collaboration that they aim to pass on to future generations of developers, marking the beginning of a transformative era in AI-powered television experiences.

Source: Samsung Global Newsroom

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