How device codes protect your payment cards in Google Wallet

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The Functionality of Device Codes

Each time a payment card is added to your Google Wallet, a fresh device code is generated. This unique identifier plays a crucial role when it comes to executing a transaction securely.

Device codes play a pivotal role in safeguarding your FPAN, orchestrating multiple security measures within a brief timeframe. This involves transmitting an encrypted package containing the device code to the merchant’s financial institution, the Token Service Provider decrypting the token to access the actual card number securely, and the card issuer conducting risk assessments and authorizing the transaction.

One notable security aspect of device codes, absent in physical cards, is the embedded Android device authentication. While physical cards often require a PIN entry or signature verification at terminals, digital wallet transactions necessitate passing through the standard authentication measures on your smartphone or smartwatch, such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or PIN verification. Even if your phone is stolen, completing a transaction without this authentication is unfeasible.

Moreover, in cases where losing a credit card occurs, device codes offer a notable advantage. Since the device token is linked to your bank account or credit line rather than the physical card, you can continue making payments seamlessly even if you replace the card. Certain financial institutions permit the use of the device code in Google Wallet for transactions while awaiting the arrival of the replacement card.

When utilizing Google Pay for transactions, the protective attributes of tokenization are actively enforced. Whether your preference leans towards heightened convenience or reinforced security, leveraging digital wallets can effectively shield your sensitive data from unauthorized access.

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