How to begin with Expense Control in Red Hat Insights

Monitoring expenses and conducting health assessments are critical aspects of Red Hat Insights that assist IT teams in maintaining financial control and enhancing operational flexibility for enhancing the dependability of Red Hat OpenShift deployments.

Included within your existing Red Hat subscriptions, the cost management feature of Red Hat Insights aids in comprehending and monitoring the expenses linked to your cloud and container usage. This tool proves valuable for chargebacks and presenting cost breakdowns of your cloud and OpenShift (on-premise inclusive) assets.

An informative cheat sheet has recently been unveiled, detailing the setup and cost computations using the Red Hat Insights cost management tool.

Access the cheat sheet via: Red Hat Insights Cost Management Cheat Sheet

Refer to the Red Hat Insights Information and Resources webpage for a compilation of FAQs, instructional videos, analyst studies, practical demonstrations, and a plethora of other valuable resources pertaining to Red Hat Insights.

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