iFi’s latest $300 DAC functions as a lossless Bluetooth transceiver and offers a low-latency gaming mode.

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iFi’s Latest $300 Digital-to-Analog Converter Serves as a High-Fidelity Wireless Communicator with a Rapid Response Gaming Function.

British audio manufacturer iFi Audio has unveiled a cutting-edge DAC that operates as a top-caliber Bluetooth transceiver providing lossless transmission capabilities, along with a specialized low-delay gaming feature.

Marketed as the primary DAC incorporating a transceiver that backs “lossless” CD-quality transmission over Bluetooth, the innovative Zen Blue 3 is set to hit the market early next month at a price point of $300. Apart from serving as a conventional wired digital-to-analog converter (DAC) supporting 96-kHz/24-bit audio through USB and 192-kHz/24-bit audio via S/PDIF, this device offers dual wireless functionalities: Bluetooth RX for audio reception and Bluetooth TX for audio transmission, both supporting aptX Lossless Bluetooth 5.4 for seamless streaming.

Enclosed in a visually striking and distinctly unconventional curved casing featuring a two-toned front panel, the Zen Blue 3 can stream high-resolution 96-kHz audio employing Sony’s exclusive LDAC codec as well as the LDHC/HWA codec. Additionally, it incorporates a low-latency transmission setting (engaged by a button on the control panel) to ensure audio synchronization during video streaming or gaming sessions.

Connectivity options encompass a USB-C interface and switchable analog or optical/coaxial digital inputs through stereo RCA jacks, alongside a set of multifunction stereo RCA outputs and a 4.4mm balanced line-level output for diminished signal interference and crosstalk between channels; input modes are controlled via a knob on the front face.

The Zen Blue 3 boasts audiophile-grade circuitry that segregates Bluetooth, DAC, and premium iFi-designed op-amp circuits onto discrete chips to prevent any form of sound quality degradation due to interference, featuring meticulously selected top-tier components sourced from TDK and Texas Instruments. For additional details, please visit

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