Industry analyst predicts that the next generation of Xbox will be fully digital, with PlayStation and Nintendo expected to do the same at a later time.

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An industry expert anticipates that the next iteration of Xbox will shift entirely to digital distribution, with PlayStation and Nintendo likely to make similar moves in the future.

The signs have been pointing towards Xbox embracing digital transformation for some time now, with a noted industry analyst, Mat Piscatella, voicing this expectation. Notable instances include the absence of physical releases for certain flagship titles like Hellblade II, and reports of major retailers ceasing to sell physical copies of Xbox games. Speculation arose earlier this year suggesting that Microsoft may have dismantled teams responsible for physical game releases. Jez Corden from WindowsCentral noted, “Microsoft has also shut down departments dedicated to bringing Xbox games to physical retail … which if you’ve seen the digital-only Xbox console leaks … well, you get an idea of where Microsoft is going here.”

Piscatella further reinforced the notion by indicating that Xbox gamers should prepare for a future without physical releases sooner rather than later. Moreover, he predicted that Sony might make a similar move after one more console generation, with Nintendo following suit after two more generations. In a post on X, the analyst mentioned, “Folks should probably just get used to this (no physical Xbox versions) across the market sooner rather than later,” inspired by a comment from the CEO of Limited Run Games concerning the physical release of the Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Collection.

“Yep, give [PlayStation] another gen, Nintendo another 2,” Piscatella shared on X.

While it remains uncertain whether Microsoft will indeed transition to an all-digital format in the next console cycle, the trend towards digital-only platforms is evident. Following the introduction of the all-digital Series S console, Microsoft recently unveiled the new Xbox Series X digital edition, set to launch during the holiday season priced at $449.99/€499.99.

What are your opinions on this topic? Do you believe Microsoft will commit to going fully digital in the years ahead? And what are your thoughts about Sony and Nintendo following suit? Share your insights in the comments section below.

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