Initial Intel Core Ultra 200V iGPU tests indicate performance on par with Radeon 890M.

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Additional performance assessments have surfaced for Intel’s forthcoming Lunar Lake CPUs, offering early insights into the capabilities of the integrated Xe2 graphics. These findings indicate a level of performance on par with the AMD Radeon 890M, which is set to drive the upcoming Ryzen AI 9 HX370.

Engineered for energy-efficient devices such as ultralight notebooks, the Intel Lunar Lake CPUs are poised to cater to the U-series (17-30W) market segment. Conversely, AMD’s Strix Point is set to address systems with power consumption requirements ranging from 15W to 54W. The Lunar Lake CPUs present a new CPU architecture, an enhanced NPU (AI accelerator), and the latest Xe2 graphics technology.

As we delve deeper into the integrated graphics of Intel’s upcoming platform, it is anticipated that two models will emerge: Arc A130V and Arc 140V, each showcasing 7 and 8 Xe2 cores, respectively. These cores are founded on the Battlemage architecture. The information shared by Jaykihn (via VideoCardz) reveals the considerable potential of the Intel Lunar Lake iGPU, achieving a Timespy graphics score of 3438 at 17W and 4151 at 30W. The latter performance aligns closely with what has been observed from the Radeon 890M found in the leading Strix Point APUs.

Nevertheless, it is essential to consider that the Lunar Lake system utilized 16 GB of LPDDR5X-8533 memory (soldered to the base tile). This particular setup introduces certain power consumption considerations, especially in relation to the comparison, which does not factor in memory power usage estimated at 2-3W. Furthermore, the memory speed itself could significantly enhance the overall CPU performance of Intel.

Image credit: Jaykihn

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