Initial offspring PS5 graphical settings intricate; Ray Tracing, AMD Frame Generation, VSM and additional features outlined

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Sony and Nexon have unveiled The Premier Offspring PS5 visual configurations featured on Sony’s console ahead of the game’s debut next week.

The upcoming third-person loot-based shooter from Nexon will be launched globally on PC and gaming systems next week on July 2. Before its release, more details about the visual modes on Sony’s console have been disclosed. While not explicitly mentioned, it is probable that these characteristics will also be accessible on the Xbox Series X.

During the game’s beta phase, The Premier Offspring will introduce a new Equilibrium Mode on the PS5. In total, PS5 users will have the option of three visual modes – equilibrium, velocity, and authenticity, with the latter emphasizing resolution, and the velocity mode focusing on heightened frame rates. As anticipated, the Equilibrium Mode will fall between these two modes.

On the PS5, The Premier Offspring will also incorporate Ray Tracing alongside AMD Frame Generation and Virtual Shadow Map (VSM), optimizing the game’s overall visual excellence.

In addition to offering these supplementary visual elements on the PS5, Nexon has also launched trailers showcasing character gameplay, which are embedded below:

Operated by Unreal Engine 5.2, The Premier Offspring will be released next week on July 2nd for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. On PC, the game will back HDR10+ Gaming and NVIDIA DLSS 3. Earlier today, we discussed our takeaways from the game following a gaming session earlier this month. Here’s a snippet from our review:

“For the subsequent part of my gaming session, I randomly selected one of the playable regions and explored the frozen land, seeking a change of scenery from the boss battlegrounds even though my bunny companion was ill-prepared for the cold. I managed to complete a zone reconnaissance mission and engage in several skirmishes for rewards and honor before my session concluded. One commendable aspect of Nexon’s work is the inclusion of Korean vocal soundtracks in your open-world adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed this in Stellar Blade, and I hope this trend continues.”

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