Initial Offspring Summertime Gaming Celebration Remarks

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An excellent free-to-play shooter game always catches my eye, even amidst evaluating numerous other games simultaneously. Nonetheless, when a game like The Primary Descendant looks as visually captivating as it does, it definitely grabs my attention. Demonstration Unreal Engine 5 capabilities, Nexon Games’ upcoming loot shooter in the third-person perspective has a lot to offer in The Primary Descendant.

Instead of starting from the beginning and enduring tutorial after tutorial, Nexon Games commenced our session with a concise presentation on the game’s systems and overall atmosphere of The Primary Descendant before granting us the freedom to explore the open landscapes. With a diverse roster of characters to choose from, I selected the Ultimate version of one of the fourteen characters available: Ultimate Bunny. Possessing a physique with a gap wide enough for Evergreen to pass and flaunting more skin than Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V, I opted for the character with the most photogenic appearance. Additionally, she wielded abilities such as chain lightning and multiple sniper rifles, which was the cherry on top of the cake.

In a conversation with one of my peers who also tried out The Primary Descendant, they expressed confusion about where to proceed after being set loose in the demo. Frankly, within the half-hour timeframe, I didn’t have the liberty to explore the central city hub and orient myself. Instead, I consulted the mini-map, scanned the nine available regions, and immediately engaged in Void Intercept Battles. Here, bypassing tutorial overload, I took my level 40 Ultimate Bunny and faced off against a level 34 Executioner Colossus. Perhaps if I had anticipated better, I might have selected an adversary lacking electric attribute resistance, but it served as a good opportunity to grasp the combat mechanics.

The Primary Descendant proves to be a highly dynamic third-person shooter. Remaining stationary or merely strafing back and forth won’t protect players from receiving a face full of bullets. Instead, incorporating jumps and a sleek grappling hook enables players to maneuver around the battlefield, circle behind colossal bosses, and evade incoming threats. Although it took some adjustment to set the grappling hook to the middle mouse button, the short cooldown and extensive range allowed me to unload a full round into the boss’s vulnerable point, latch onto a nearby pillar, and seek refuge behind it for cover while reloading. Even as a novice player, the initial Void Intercept battle lasted just over a minute, aided by a sniper rifle dealing over 250k damage, dispatching the boss before requiring a reload. All character abilities rely on cooldowns, simplifying resource management to focus solely on keeping enough ammunition in stock. Cannon fodder enemies occasionally appear in combat, serving as loot-filled pinatas yielding recovery items and spare ammo.

The gunplay in The Primary Descendant is rapid and crisp, serving as the main attraction for casual players avoiding in-app purchases, offering a truly free-to-play experience. Nexon equipped us with level 100 gear that surpasses what most players would access for hours in the game, evident in the power discrepancy during the second Void Intercept against a level 54 Devourer, taking slightly longer to defeat (nearly three minutes) without breaking a sweat or the need to retreat for health recovery or shields. The extended combat duration was due to the boss’s shield mechanics, necessitating the destruction of green bubble-covered nodes to eliminate the shielding. I appreciate when bosses introduce new mechanics beyond being mere damage sponges, and this challenge to deviate from a pure DPS strategy added a refreshing element to the battle. However, my third Void Intercept encounter against a level 118 Swamp Walker summoned numerous adds, and despite my efforts, I couldn’t breach its shielding before the 10-minute quest timer expired.

For the latter part of my playthrough, I randomly selected one of the playable regions and ventured into the arctic terrain, opting for a change of scenery from the boss arenas – though my bunny character was evidently underdressed for the cold. I managed to squeeze in a zone reconnaissance mission and engage in a few skirmishes for loot and glory before concluding my session. Kudos to Nexon for incorporating Korean vocal tracks into the open-world exploration, a trend I thoroughly enjoyed in Stellar Blade and hope to see persist.

The Primary Descendant underwent several beta testing phases and hands-on opportunities, with this being one of Nexon’s final showcases before the game’s launch next month. Officially debuting on July 2nd, 2024, The Primary Descendant will be accessible on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC (Steam).

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