Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU Performance Test Revealed: 27% Quicker than the Core i9-13900K in CPU-Z Benchmark

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Performance Evaluation of Intel Arrow Lake-S Processor Unveiled: 27% Faster than Core i9-13900K in CPU-Z Test

Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs are set to debut later this year, built on TSMC’s advanced 3nm/N3B (or Intel 20A) manufacturing process. These processors will introduce the new LGA1851 socket along with the compatible 800-series motherboards. Much information has already been disclosed about these chips (previously referred to as the 15th Gen Core), including details on core counts, architectures, IPC improvements, and instruction set support. Recently, a Baidu user leaked what is claimed to be a performance benchmark of a desktop Arrow Lake-S processor.

It should be noted that since there is no official mention of Arrow Lake or Core Ultra 200, there is a possibility that this leak could be fabricated. Allegedly, this unidentified sample showcases a 27% increase in performance compared to the Core i9-13900K in the single-threaded CPU-Z benchmark. It is worth mentioning that the 13900K in question is not utilizing the “Intel Default” power profile, otherwise, the performance delta would likely be even more pronounced.

As per the leaked data, the multi-threaded score stands at 12922 points, indicating that it is 26% slower than the 13900K, but 26% faster than the Core i5-14600K. While it is speculated that this processor could be the Core i5-15600K (Core Ultra 5), the true identity remains uncertain. It is plausible that this chip might belong to the early models of the Core i7-15700K (Core Ultra 7). Similar to the Lunar Lake architecture, Arrow Lake is anticipated to launch without hyper-threading, potentially resulting in varied multi-threaded performance outcomes across different workloads.

Intel Arrow Lake-S CPU Benchmark

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