Introducing the new Find My Remote feature on Google TV in Android 14 – say goodbye to lost remotes forever!

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How it works with other Google TV devices

An image of Find My Remote setting on Google TV
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The Find My Remote feature is finally making its way to some Google TV devices as part of the new Android 14 for TV update, as reported by Android Authority. References to this feature, already present on the Walmart Onn 4K TV Pro streaming box, were uncovered in an emulator build of Android 14 for TV distributed to developers post its unveiling at the recent Google I/O developer conference, where significant announcements regarding Gemini, Android 15, and more were made.

The feature, which is already incorporated in top streaming devices like various Roku streamers, is intended to assist in locating a misplaced remote by emitting a sound from the remote itself to notify users of its whereabouts. For instance, on the Onn 4K TV Pro, users can activate this alert by pressing a button on the front of the box, resulting in both a beep and a flashing LED light on the remote. The search process lasts for 30 seconds if the remote is within a range of 30 feet from the Onn streaming box.

The Find My Remote feature will come pre-installed on Android 14 TV devices such as Google TV, although its compatibility with older TV devices remains unclear. If support for older devices is planned, it is likely to be introduced through a firmware update. This update hints at a potential evolution in remote designs for future Google TV devices, requiring remotes equipped with a speaker and LED for sound and light emission.

For those who frequently misplace their remotes, this feature will be incredibly handy. The question arises about its functionality on existing Google TV devices, and if it will be available through an update for older models. Perhaps alternative methods, like a more conspicuous flashing LED, could be employed for remote retrieval without sound in such cases.

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