John Romero Reflects On The Emergence Of First Person Shooter Games

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The Doom Guru Reflects on Catacomb 3-D And The Last 33 Years

Renowned within the realm of computer gaming, the name John Romero holds significant weight as a key figure in the inception and advancement of the first-person shooter genre. Catacomb 3-D, a groundbreaking title preceding Wolfenstein 3D, was unveiled in 1991, solidifying his standing within the gaming industry. Romero fondly recalls the era of DOOM and the innovative WAD file format, which empowered players to craft personalized maps, catalyzing the birth of a vibrant modding community.

Delving into the contemporary FPS landscape, Romero offers insights on the genre he helped shape. Expressing a preference for battle royale-style games due to their inclusive nature, he contrasts them with titles like CounterStrike, which he perceives as demanding a specific skill level and thereby alienating certain players. In the dynamic realm of battle royale, from Battlefield to Fortnite, even individuals less adept at FPS games can revel in the excitement and enjoyment.

Anticipating the surge in popularity of “boomer shooters,” Romero credits his extensive game design experience spanning decades with the ability to infuse retro-style games with unforeseen surprises and enhanced features that were unattainable in the 1990s.

For further insights into John Romero’s thoughts, delve into the complete interview by Ars Technica here.

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