June 2024 Updates –

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The CentOS Stream and CentOS Enterprise Linux Kmods Special Interest Group (SIG) is dedicated to packaging and managing kernel modules.

  • No new members have been added to the SIG recently. Individuals interested in contributing within the SIG’s scope are encouraged to join.

  • Thanks to collaboration with Red Hat and support from the CentOS infrastructure team, the Kmods SIG can once again offer kernel modules built for RHEL.

  • Alongside Enterprise Linux kernel modules, the Kmods SIG is now supplying Fedora-flavored kernels, including both stable and LTS versions. Refer to the documentation for details on available kernel versions.

The Virtualization SIG (Virt-SIG) aims to provide a comprehensive stack for virtualization technologies.

  • Dorinda Bassey discussed at FOSDEM.

  • Seeteena is no longer part of the Virtualization SIG due to an invalid email address.

  • Collaboration with the CentOS Automotive SIG has led to the upstream integration of changes related to virtio-sound and virtio-gpu in rust-vmm.

The Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) SIG focuses on delivering optimized package builds for various architectures supported by CentOS.

  • Issues with GNU2 TLS descriptors for x86-64 have been resolved in Fedora, with upcoming integration into CentOS 10 Stream.

  • Performance optimizations for x86 string functions from the Hyperscaler SIG have been merged into CentOS 8 Stream.

  • CPU-optimized override packages, unavailable in CentOS 9 Stream, can now be activated using ‘dnf install centos-release-isa-override’.

  • The ISA SIG’s builds were utilized by Phoronix for benchmarking Intel Xeon Emerald Rapids on CentOS Stream.

  • Access the current override packages for ISA SIG here:

The Alternate Images SIG is dedicated to producing alternative ISO images for CentOS Stream.

  • Troy Dawson’s presentation at CentOS Connect was about Alternative Images SIG.

  • Updated Live Images were released quarterly.

  • Four new Live Images have been added: CINNAMON, GNOME, KDE, MATE, XFCE, and MAX, offering a comprehensive range of desktop options.

  • Simplified image building scripts have been created for ease of use.

The CentOS Artwork SIG is responsible for developing The CentOS Project Visual Identity.

A coordinated effort is in place to facilitate collaborative gating and testing of CentOS Stream updates before their publication.

  • An Integration SIG meeting occurred at FOSDEM 2024.

  • A proposal for the Git Interface for the Compose Gate was presented.

  • Migration of legacy tests to the new tmt+beakerlib format in compose-tests continued.

  • Testing Farm integration for testing contributions validation in compose-tests was successfully implemented.

For more information, visit the CentOS blog.

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