KDE Plasma 6.0.5 has arrived with a new bug-fix update for the month of May.

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Following the rollout of Plasma 6.0.4 a month ago, the KDE team has released a new update for KDE Plasma 6, version 6.0.5. This update focuses on improving user experience by resolving bugs and enhancing the system’s functionality.

The latest release brings a range of bug fixes and new translations with the goal of strengthening the stability and efficiency of the Plasma desktop environment. It is worth noting that this marks the final release in the 6.0 series, with version 6.1 set for release in the middle of next month.

Notable fixes in this update include enhancements to the “Dr. Konqi” crash handler to reduce excessive running and improvements to the “Wallpaper of the Day” feature, enabling smooth dragging of preview images within the latest Qt 6.7 framework.

Key Updates in Plasma 6.0.5

  • Bluedevil: Resolution for the launchState setting issue to ensure seamless device connections.
  • Discover: Improved handling of Flatpak installations to prevent null pointer exception errors and enhance file recognition processes.
  • Notifier and Network Management: Adjustments to online status detection for more accurate network responses.
  • KScreen and Screen Locking: Enhancements to screen orientation and management, along with fixes for screen locking on Wayland.

The release also includes numerous backend improvements throughout the system:

  • Compositor and Backend Systems: Significant updates to the DRM and Wayland protocols, including color space adjustments and enhancements in cursor and swapchain handling.
  • Interface Enhancements: Fixes to the OSD (On-Screen Display) and system monitor widgets for improved user interactions and data display.
  • Plasma Workspace and System Settings: Various UI tweaks, such as adjustments to icon sizes and system tray settings, to create a more intuitive user interface.

Dr. Konqi, the integrated debugger, has undergone improvements like better backtrace generation and error handling, leading to reduced crashes and improved debugging processes.

Furthermore, Plasma 6.0.5 delivers critical fixes for various plugins and components affecting screen management, plugin functionality, and overall system reliability. These include:

  • KWin: Adjustments to the window manager for better handling of virtual screens and compositor functions.
  • Screen Casting and Screenshots: Updates to screencasting plugins and screenshot tools to optimize performance and compatibility across different setups.

To explore more about the new features in Plasma 6.0.5, check out the release announcement or refer to the full changelog.

Note that availability may differ based on the distribution, but users of rolling releases like Arch and openSUSE Tumbleweed can expect to receive the Plasma 6.0.5 update early as usual.

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