Kingston FURY Renegade RGB Special Edition, total 48 gigabytes of DDR5-8000 memory.

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Experience the Speed with Kingston FURY Renegade RGB Special Edition, a combined 48 gigabytes of high-speed DDR5-8000 RAM.

For individuals seeking rapid memory performance matched with a design reminiscent of a luxury sports vehicle, Kingston offers a set of memory modules worth considering. While the name may be lengthy, the specifications of the FURY Renegade RGB Special Edition are anything but. Operating at DDR5-8000, these modules provide timings of 36-48-48-128 @ 1T under XMP 3.0, ensuring quick and seamless setup on your Intel system.

Through careful testing, as seen in the evaluation by NikKTech, there is potential to achieve speeds of DDR5-8400 without the need to adjust timings. This tantalizing prospect warrants keeping a close watch for the release of these DIMMs. Although just announced and pending launch, it is crucial to note that the Limited Edition status of this DDR5-8000 kit implies exclusivity and demand may be high.

Source: PC Perspective

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