Larian to transition away from Baldur’s Gate 3 following major modding update

In a recent development, Larian Studios has revealed intentions to introduce official modding assistance for Baldur’s Gate 3. The fresh modding toolkit is presently undergoing testing, with an official rollout slated for September. However, it seems the modding enhancement will mark the final significant content update for the game as Larian commences efforts on new ventures.

Larian will be assessing modding support for Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC to ensure compatibility and overall stability before granting approval, similar to how CD Projekt Red managed the release of enhanced modding tools for The Witcher 3. While PC users can install mods from any source, console players will be restricted to mods sanctioned for Larian’s official launcher.

During a recent interview, Swen Vincke, Larian’s CEO, highlighted that the modding update is likely the final one for Baldur’s Gate 3, entrusting the community to introduce new content to the game:

“One of our major goals, something we’re actively pursuing, is enabling players to mod the game themselves, empowering them to create their own content. This will be the moment when we can say, ‘alright, it’s all in your hands now’.”

Larian has already confirmed its plans for two upcoming games and has no intentions to collaborate with Wizards of the Coast on a new Baldur’s Gate installment.

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