Lego commemorates space exploration with a drone display featuring spacecrafts created by children.

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Lego celebrates cosmic exploration with a UAV presentation showcasing spacecrafts crafted by youngsters.

The connection between space and Lego has always been strong – whether through more authentic sets like the Icons and Ideas collections, or in a more imaginative realm with City and Friends. This is a remarkable feature of a Lego brick or any other component, as it can be utilized to construct virtually anything you envision.

Prior to launching two new space kits – Artemis 5 and the Milky Way – The Lego Group is revealing new insights from a study conducted by the toy company. The study found that 86% of children aged four to fourteen show interest in space, indicating a heightened intrigue compared to previous years.

To mark the occasion, Lego tasked children with conceptualizing a spacecraft that could transport them from Earth to the vast unknown someday.

From numerous entries, Lego selected six designs. These concepts were transformed into tangible models by Didac Perez Soriano, an Associate Master Builder at Lego House.

Subsequently, these spacecraft were showcased high above in the sky. How, you might wonder? Through a drone exhibition, set against the backdrop of New York City’s skyline. The winning six crafts were brought to life through a drone display, depicting anything from a T-Rex with a jetpack to a bed with wings.

To delve into the survey’s outcomes, Gerardi mentioned that “Receiving statistics about Generation Alpha and acknowledging the escalating interest in space is truly inspiring. I firmly believe that space represents our shared history and shared future, so witnessing this inherent curiosity is truly remarkable.” She states that Lego is engaging with these children in a way that sparks their creativity, both through competitions like this and with a variety of play sets.

Reflecting on the winning designs, Gerardi expressed that “we often perceive space as quite academic or clinical,” but she views it as “the human narrative.” Expanding on this, she remarked: “observing children apply that human perspective to aspects like space, creativity, and design is truly fascinating.”

Let’s take a moment to explore the Lego Space theme. Space was one of the original Lego themes, alongside Castle and City, encompassing the past, present, and future. Initially, sets veered more towards imaginative rather than realistic, but recently, there has been a shift towards sets that are more factual, scientifically accurate, and authentic space representations.

Considering the new data revealing that 86% of children are eager to explore new planets, stars, or galaxies, and 77% aspire to journey into space, Mehan stated, “It’s all about space exploration, but perhaps approached in a slightly more fantastical manner than what [Lego] has been doing in recent times.” The focus is on appealing to diverse audiences, potentially catering to both adults and children through a variety of sets.

One noteworthy development for 2024, marking a first for Lego, is a common element present across different themes – City, Friends, and Technic all incorporate an alien design. Building components enable sets from various themes to interconnect. This concept extends from the simplest Lego Duplo sets all the way up to the latest space-themed sets designed for older builders. Mehan hinted at a clue “hidden in the Milky Way art SKU.”

We also delved into Gerardi’s space voyage. Serving as a payload specialist on Virgin Galactic’s Galactic 05 research mission in November 2023, Gerardi shared that “it was an incredibly emotional experience. I was extremely well-prepared for the scientific aspect, having conducted a decade of astronautics research in microgravity on parabolic flights here on Earth.”

Gerardi mentioned that nothing could truly prepare her for witnessing Earth from space with her own eyes. She described the experience as inducing the “overview effect,” a cognitive shift in perspective that elevated her desire to enable others to behold that view.

Similar to many individuals, including this writer, Gerardi has had a longstanding relationship with Lego, noting that one of her favorite sets was a Space Shuttle that she still owns. The intricate details of the shuttle aided her in “comprehending precisely what the vehicle was and what it might be like for someone working or living on it.”

Gerardi is also involved in citizen science and actively participates in various research initiatives, notably in diabetes research focusing on utilizing continuous glucose monitors in space.

Feel free to watch the complete video of the drone show produced by Lego below. Whether you prefer following instructions or embarking on a more creative path, Lego stands ready to equip you with the resources needed to accomplish the mission.

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