LEGO Horizon Adventures will necessitate a PSN account on PC, as one might expect.

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The recently unveiled Steam page for LEGO Horizon Adventures has brought to light a controversial stipulation for eager gamers anticipating its release. The necessity for a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to access the game has sparked discontent among the gaming community, echoing a similar outcry faced by Sony in the past.

In response to the public’s dissatisfaction, Sony disclosed that forthcoming PC games under their umbrella would mandate a PSN account for gameplay access. Unfortunately, this means that LEGO Horizon Adventures will abide by this requirement, stating explicitly on the Steam page that a PSN account is indispensable, subject to Sony’s terms and conditions.

For many players, this mandatory association with a 3rd-party account adds an unnecessary barrier to enjoying the game, particularly since the title does not heavily rely on online connectivity. Moreover, the limitation imposed by the lack of PSN availability in numerous countries will prevent prospective buyers in over 100 regions from acquiring the game.

While the argument for such account bindings might hold merit in online multiplayer or live-service games, LEGO Horizon Adventures, with its emphasis on family-friendly local co-op gameplay, appears ill-suited for such a restrictive prerequisite – a sentiment that has left enthusiasts disheartened by the news.

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