Lian Li aspires to achieve an almost seamless appearance with its HydroShift LCD AIO series by minimizing tubes.

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Lian Li aims to achieve a near-seamless look with its HydroShift LCD AIO range by reducing tubes.

Lian Li has unveiled its latest collection of HydroShift AIOs, originally showcased at Computex 2024. The HydroShift AIOs, which boast a “tube-free” design, are available in three variations: HydroShift S, HydroShift R, and HydroShift TL. All models feature a 2.88″ LCD on the pump block, customizable via L-Connect 3.

The HydroShift 360S, 360R, and 360TL liquid cooling AIOs showcase a distinct design that hides tubing alongside the radiator, aiming to provide a cleaner visual appeal. Designed with ribbed tubing for both performance and aesthetics, the tubing elegantly curves around the radiator with the assistance of pre-installed retaining brackets. Additionally, the units include a brushed aluminum plate, left/right tube cover plates, and a pump mounting hardware cover.

Delving into the specifics, the HydroShift 360S boasts a revamped pump design, running at 3800 RPM to boost performance while minimizing noise. The pump comes with two cables: one for motherboard synchronization via PWM and another that splits into SATA, PWM for the fans, and USB 2.0 for L-Connect communications. The 27mm thick radiator houses three pre-installed 28mm non-RGB fans, prioritizing silent operation without sacrificing performance. These fans can reach speeds of up to 2500 RPM and are compatible with the Uni Fan P28’s side ARGB kit.

Meanwhile, the 360R model features a larger propeller, enabling optimal operation at speeds of up to 3200 RPM. It offers a single cable solution with SATA for power, PWM for fan daisy-chaining, and USB 2.0 connectivity for L-Connect. With a 31mm thick radiator and three pre-installed 28mm thick ARGB and PWM fans capable of speeds up to 2400 RPM, the 360R provides effective cooling capabilities.

Finally, the HydroShift 360TL shares the 3200 RPM pump and radiator dimensions of the 360R but stands out with three pre-installed Uni Fan TL fans. This AIO presents a single cable solution that grants comprehensive control over the pump and fans through L-Connect 3, with the pump cable designed for discreet routing behind the tubes, connecting to the daisy-chained TL fans and the accompanying TL hub.

The HydroShift 360S, 360R, and 360TL AIOs, offered in black and white variants, are backed by a 6-year warranty and are currently available for pre-order. The MSRPs are $179.99 (360S), $199.99 (360R), and $259.99 (360TL).

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Lian Li aims for nearly tubeless aesthetic with HydroShift LCD AIO series

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