Libgcrypt version 1.11.0 is released, featuring fresh algorithms and APIs.

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The recently launched iteration of Libgcrypt, version 1.11.0, marks a significant milestone for the cryptographic realm within various Linux distributions and applications. This fresh stable release of the library maintains complete API and ABI compatibility with its prior 1.10 series iteration.

Operating as a versatile library built upon GnuPG’s codebase, Libgcrypt offers a wide-ranging selection of cryptographic components without directly encoding any particular protocol like OpenPGP.

Noteworthy Enhancements in Libgcrypt 1.11.0

Outlined below are several key updates introduced in the newest version, focusing on enhancing and modernizing its functionalities:

  • Novel Interfaces and Algorithms: The release incorporates the Classic McEliece algorithm alongside various fresh Key Derivation Functions such as HKDF and X963KDF. Furthermore, Libgcrypt 1.11.0 brings forth support for quantum-resistant algorithms like KEM, Streamlined NTRU Prime sntrup761, and Kyber, aligning itself with the latest FIPS standards.
  • Additional API Functions: Significantly, the update introduces Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM) APIs and a range of new hash and MAC algorithms. These additions enhance the adaptability and security options available to application developers.
  • Performance Enhancements: Noteworthy improvements have been implemented for commonly utilized CPU architecture algorithms. The optimization efforts extend to bolstering support for ARMv8/AArch64/CE, ARMv9, and PowerPC platforms. As a result, applications leveraging Libgcrypt are poised to carry out cryptographic operations more swiftly on these CPUs.

Moreover, Libgcrypt 1.11.0 includes bug fixes, fortifying its internal operations to heighten the security and resilience of cryptographic processes against potential breaches.

Furthermore, the update ensures backward compatibility, enabling developers to seamlessly upgrade without necessitating a revamp of existing applications that rely on prior library versions.

For additional insights on all the new features, visit the official announcement. Developers keen on integrating or updating to Libgcrypt 1.11.0 can obtain the source code through the GnuPG server or its mirrors.

Explore more details about the release here.

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